Business English for the Workplace

Business English for the Workplace is designed to improve your everyday spoken and written English. The course also promotes fluency in workplace communication.

General English group classes in the morning are supplemented with 3, 5 or 10 hours of individual Business lessons in the afternoon.

Morning group classes cover all language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. There is an emphasis on speaking and listening.

The additional Business English lessons give you the opportunity to focus in greater detail on your needs and goals.

Before planning your training we assess your current level, professional language needs, and language skills gaps.

Moreover, we will plan and build a course to help you manage your specific language requirements accordingly.

Business English for the Workplace

Technical English, English for Tourism, Specific Business English are popular areas of study. Moreover, you will benefit from a review of key grammar points and essential vocabulary.

Class Schedule

  • General English Group Classes 15 hours per week Monday to Friday 09.00-12.15 +
  • Next you will agree on a timetable for your private lessons with your teacher

There is a minimum group General English booking period of 2 weeks required. 2 weeks group General English 15 hours per week (Monday to Friday 09.00 to 12.15) is €300.

You can decide to choose private lessons for one or two of those course weeks.

Private lessons are €60 per hour

  • 3 hours private lessons per week = €180
  • 5 hours private lessons  = €300
  • 10 hours private lessons = €600

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