Merveil’s Story 

I am studying in B2 with Karen. Honestly, the first day I was surprised to be in B2. I thought I would be in A2! But I realized I just needed more confidence. Karen is a great teacher, every day I learn something new and also improve my English.

Since I started studying English at the Cork English Academy, I am not afraid to speak anymore. So, I am improving a lot in speaking and writing.

The aspect of English language learning that I’m finding the most challenging is the grammar. I must revise a lot and do a lot of practice to use the different tenses.

I practice my English outside of school hours.  I live in a share accommodation, so I speak English with the others tenants. In addition, Every Sunday evening I spend time with Irish people I met at Cork Church.

I chose Cork because I wanted to be immersed in the Irish culture and also because there are many beautiful places to visit.

My favorite thing about Cork is the weather. Because you don’t have to do a year to see the four seasons. Every day is spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Yes I would recommend Ireland as a study abroad destination to others because If you can understand the Irish accent especially in Cork you can understand every English accent in the world!

Merveil BAKI, France