Student Visas

It is important to check if you require a visa to visit Ireland for study or as a tourist.

In general, students visiting Ireland from and travelling with a passport issued in European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries do not require a visa to enter the country.

Ireland does not require that passport holders of a number of other non-EU countries obtain a visa before arrival. Here is a list of countries that do not require visas to land in Ireland.

All non-EU students intending on staying in Ireland for over 90 days will need to apply for permission to remain while you are here in Ireland.

If your country is not on this list it may be necessary for you to obtain a visa before you travel.

Information and Guidelines for Visa Requiring Countries

You should Contact your nearest Irish Embassy.

Your Nearest Irish Embassy official will ask you to show/prove the following:

  • You are enrolled on a privately funded course involving at least 15 hours of organised daytime tuition each week
  • You have paid the requisite fees to the college
  • You have the academic ability to follow your chosen course
  • You have immediate access to at least €7,000. This is the estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year
  • You have private medical insurance
  • You can account for any gaps in your educational history
  • Your intention is to return to your country of permanent residence following completion of your studies in Ireland
  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after the completion of your course

Download the Irish Visa Application Form form or use the AVATS online application service of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS). You should check that you need a visa and read the application instructions (in English or other languages) before proceeding.

Allow as much time as possible when applying for a visa. Processing times for student visa applications vary depending on the volume of applications lodged but generally a minimum time of 8 weeks is recommended. Visa decisions are published weekly on the Irish Government Immigration website. You can check the status of your application  by entering the Visa Reference Number that is issued to you.

If you have been granted a study visa on the basis that you will attend school/college you must take in a course which involves at least 15 hours of organised daytime tuition each week.

If you are granted a visa in your native country for a stay longer than 90 days you can travel to Ireland where you will then be instructed by the immigration officer at the airport to apply for Permission to Remain in Ireland at the Cork Garda Station.

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