Private One-to-One Lessons

Private Lessons are popular among those with specific areas of English language needs including Business English, Examination Preparation and English for Specific Purposes.

Before planning your training we will assess your professional language needs, your current level and your language skills gaps.

Our experienced team will plan and build a course designed to help participants manage their specific language requirements.

Private Lesson Topics

Technical English, English for Tourism, Specific Business English

Participants may also benefit from a review of key grammar points and essential vocabulary.

Private lessons are €60 per hour

  • 4 hours private lessons per week = €240
  • 6 hours private lessons  = €360
  • 8 hours private lessons = €480

Private lessons Booking Procedure

  • 4 hours minimum booking at one time
  • You will receive a one-to-one lessons end date in your booking confirmation/invoice.
  • All of your lessons will need to be taken before that end date. 
  • Academic Team/teacher and students can still discuss hours and have flexibility where availability allows, as long as all lessons have taken place before that end date.
  • Lessons will not carry over beyond that date.
  • Additional lessons after that date will need to be booked and paid for separately.