The School

Cork English Academy is Recognised by the Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS), through the service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). These are the national bodies responsible for the development and management of English Language Teaching organisations.

Our English language school is also a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) which is a further badge of quality and assurance.

English Language School Facilities

  • Fully-equipped, modern, comfortable classrooms
  • Self-access and internet centre with free computer/internet access
  • Student lounge/common area with vending machine, coffee and snacks available
  • Self- Study Area
  • Wireless internet available free throughout the building
  • Audio and video equipment
  • An extensive range of textbooks, text materials and current authentic texts for in class use
  • School Library: Oxford University Press graded readers and many other books available to borrow for self study at home
  • DVD Library: as well as movie afternoons in the school students can borrow DVDs
  • 3rd floor wrap around terrace

English Language School Staff

Each member of the Cork English Academy team commits themselves to their roles in the areas of teaching, registration, accommodation, social programme, administration and marketing.

Our teachers are university graduates who have special qualifications to teach English as a foreign language. Many members of the teaching staff have extensive academic and general experience stretching over many years from teaching in Ireland and in other countries.

School Closure Dates/Holidays


1 to 3 January 2021,March 17, 5 April, 03 May, 07 June, 02 August, 25 October. The school will also be closed for the Christmas period from 18 December 2021 to 02 January 2022.The school will reopen on 03 January 2022.


1 to 3 January 2021,March 17, 18 April, 02 May, 06 June, 01 August, 31 October. The school will also be closed for the Christmas period from 17 December 2021 to 01 January 2023.The school will reopen on 02 January 2023.