Shared Apartments in Cork City

You can choose to stay in one of our shared apartments in Cork City.

EazyCity Cork is the school accommodation provider. They are an experienced team, with cleaning and maintenance contractors on call.

Your accommodation is self-catering. You will have a shared living and kitchen area. You can prepare your own food and meals accordingly.

Shared Apartments in Cork City

  • Walking distance to the school (average 15 minutes).
  • Self check-in  (24 hours, 7 days per week).
  • Utility bills, TV, Wi-Fi, one duvet and bed linen set included.
  • Access to laundry facilities.
  • Accommodation stays are based on a 2 week booking minimum.
  • There is an option of extra nights
  • 8 people average per house, 3 people maximum sharing a bathroom
  • 24/7 emergency phone number


  • Single room €175 per week
  • Single room with private bathroom €185 per week
  • Twin or double room €130 per person per week
  • Twin or double room with private bathroom €140 per person per week
  • Suitable for couples or friends travelling together. 

Extra Fees:

  • Accommodation Placement Fee: €80 (Usually €130, Special offer)
  • Extra night single room €30
  • Extra night twin or double room €25 per person
  • You can pay the security deposit in advance by credit/debit card €250.
  • Furthermore, EazyCity manage the security deposit and checking of apartment before processing the return of the deposit.
  • There is a standard check-out fee of €50. This will be deducted from your €250 security deposit. Maximum return on your deposit is therefore €200.

COVID-19 Accommodation Protocols

  • Pre-arrival communication by email including most up to date public health guidelines.
  • Furthermore, you will receive communication on check-in from EazyCity regarding the steps to take if there is a suspected case of Covid-19 in the accommodation.
  • Extra signage is in place to promote hand hygiene and other hygiene practices.
  • Visitors or guests are not allowed in accommodation until further notice.
  • You will be asked to adhere to social distancing as much as possible. This includes in the common areas by taking turns using the kitchen.
  • EazyCity have put in place a new cleaning regime including the use of steam cleaners and anti-bacterial cleaning products.
  • You can self check-in only at this time.

It is possible to restrict your movements in the EazyCity houses. However, clients are asked to adhere to the following points;

  1. Wear masks in the common areas
  2. Sanitise kitchen and bathrooms after use
  3. Order food and shopping online if possible
  4. Staying in your room except when preparing meals

Terms and Conditions

  • You can extend your stay subject to availability.
  • Bookings are 2 week/14 night minimum
  • Cancellations:
    • You should cancel not less than 2 weeks before the arrival date. This will avoid incurring a cancellation fee.
    • If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the arrival date you will incur a cancellation fee. 2 full week’s accommodation price and booking fee.
    • Once you have commenced an accommodation stay with EazyCity no refunds
      will apply.
  • Address Confirmation:
    • Your address will be confirmed 1 week before arrival. In this case you may need an updated school letter with new address. Please check with the school.
  • Security Deposit: €250:
    • You will need to pay a security deposit in advance of arrival online by credit/debit card  €250. EazyCity staff manage the security deposit and checking of apartment before processing the return of the deposit.
    • Your deposit will be refunded less a €50
      check out fee, if accommodation is in good order.
    • The security deposit (maximum €200) will be refunded to you by credit card or bank transfer within 14 working days.
  • Cleaning:
    • Your room will have been cleaned and fresh clean bed linen provided before your
    • The regular cleaning of the common areas is the responsibility of the tenants in the house.
    • EazyCity provides a monthly professional cleaning of the common areas to ensure good standards are maintained.
  •  EazyCity Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings. As do Cork English Academy Terms & Conditions.