Work and Study Programme

The Academic Year commonly known as the Work and Study Programme in Ireland is designed for students from outside of the EU.

You can work and study in Ireland with this 8 month language stay. Learn English at Cork English Academy during the first 6 months of your stay followed by a 2 month vacation period.

6 Month Course Options

  • 25 weeks General English leading to official TIE exam (minimum A1+ level required)
  • 19 weeks General English + 6 Weeks IELTS Examination Preparation (minimum A2+ level required)

Morning Timetable 

Afternoon Timetable

Exam Registration

  • IELTS exam can be taken in Cork City
  • TIE exam has no specific textbook. TIE Exam is often held in the school but sometimes students may be required to take the exam in the test center in Dublin.

Your final exam will be linked to your official student enrollment documents for Immigration purposes. Therefore, no changes to your course or final exam can be made after you start your course. Something to consider when you are making a booking!

Right to work

Work and Study in Ireland at the same time. Students can work in Ireland during their language abroad stay. This allows you put what you have learned in class into practice in real life work settings.

While registered on an Academic Year (Work & Study) Programme you will be permitted to work 40 hours per week during the months of June, July, August and September and from 15 December to 15 January inclusive. At all other times you can work up to 20 hours per week.


You will receive a Cork English Academy school certificate and an external exam result (TIE or IELTS) which may be be more recognizable to employers when looking for a job, or Universities, if looking to go onto further study such as an Undergraduate, Masters or PHD through the English language.


Students aged 18 years or older with at least a basic knowledge of English (A1 level). You will be required to have an attendance of at least 85% throughout the course and to sit an official external exam.

Check out these important Academic Year Policies which are in line with Government and Immigration guidelines in Ireland. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Students must familiarize themselves with the School Policies in relation to Immigration requirements. 

Immigration Status 

This course is for students from outside of the EU. The course fulfills the Government requirements, as set out by stamp 2 student Immigration status.

Ireland does not require that passport holders of a number of other non-EU countries obtain a visa before arrival. Here is a list of countries that do not require visas to land in Ireland.

All non-EU students intending on staying in Ireland for over 90 days will need to apply for permission to remain while you are here in Ireland.

If your country is not on this list it may be necessary for you to apply for a visa before you travel.