Daniela’s Story

Daniela from Monterrey, Mexico studied with us here at Cork English Academy for 6 months and finished at C2 Proficient level.

To add to this achievement, Daniela was one of only two students in Ireland this year, to achieve a C2 Certificate in the end of course TIE Exam (external exam). The other student, was also a student of Cork English Academy!

Daniela, Killeagh Woods, Cork.

Can you tell us a little bit about your course and teachers?

I started in a C1 class with Mr. Trevor and during my stay in CEA I got to meet different teachers, such as: Suzanne, Rebecca, Shane and Pat. All of them great people whom I will always be thankful for sharing their knowledge, being patient, being interested in our well-being while in Cork, and giving advice when possible. 

What aspect of English language learning are you improving in the most?

Listening and grammar.

What aspect of English language learning are you finding the most challenging?


Do you get to practice your English outside of school hours?

Yes, I was lucky to find a job where I am constantly in contact with customers.

Where do you work in Cork?

I am currently working at the Quay Co-op as a barista and kitchen assistant. I am proud to be part of their workforce because of the history behind the Co-operative and their values. 

(The Quay Co-op is a workers co-operative based in Cork city operating a wholefoods store, restaurant and deli specializing in vegetarian food and a local base for the politics of new social movements. The Co-op was founded in 1982 as a community project by a collective effort of feminist, lesbian & gay, environmental and other alternative groups and individuals).

Why did you choose Cork City to move to?

I chose Cork because it’s not a big city but still has a lot going on, such as festivals, parades, farmer’s markets, theaters, concerts, etc.

What is your favourite thing about Cork? 

Locals. They are very chatty and friendly, something I didn’t expect at all but that’s how I get to improve my listening skills. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I would love to keep traveling the world and meeting more amazing people along the way.

Will you continue to use your English? ( we hope so)

Of course! I use it everyday in my daily life no matter the country.

Monterrey, Mexico

Congratulations on your achievements Daniela. Well deserved and earned!