Raul’s Story

Raul and Fiancé Denise arrived to Cork City 4 months ago.

English language students Cork English Academy
Raul and Denise, Cork City

”I had very little experience of English language classes until I came to Ireland…I didn’t know what to expect but I LOVE it!  

Pat, David, Maisie, Rebecca, a lot of awesome teachers, that teach how to be like an Irish person :). As they said, if you want to be like a local, you have to talk like a local and in Ireland that means you have to talk A LOT…blablablablabla :).

Grammar is my worst enemy! I find grammar the most challenging but thankfully I am improving the most with grammar.

I work for a global bank (citibank) with a lot of meetings so I use English everyday for my job. Learning English at school is very important for my job.

If you want to LEARN something, whatever the place, can be local or online but for interaction, going to school is the best! ”.