Pariko’s Story

My wife Anzhela and I started attending Cork English Academy about 6 months ago.

I took part in the IELTS course provided by the Academy and my wife is attending general lessons.

The most challenging part of learning English for me is writing and it is the exact part I have progressed in the most.

Thanks to the course I have scored 8 in Academic IELTS and the results for each part were: Listening 9/ Reading 8.5/ Writing 7/ Speaking 8.

This is a major event for my career because it is a mandatory condition to apply for medical exams.

I currently have a full time job as a Sanctuary Fellow at UCC and the improvements in my English are helping me a lot in my everyday activities both inside and outside the workplace.

Throughout the course itself and general lessons I have attended I have met a number of different teachers, and every single one of them was doing as much to help me as possible.

They were not only friendly and kind as people, but highly professional as teachers and tutors. Trevor, Pat, David, Rebecca, Vincent and Susan are the teachers I have worked with. I can not thank them enough. Their dedication had a huge impact on my score.

As for Anzhela, her level skyrocketed from B1 to C1 in just a few months. I have never seen a person to progress that fast and a big part of it is the Academy and its staff.

Thank you Pariko and Anzhela. Wishing you all the best in life!