University College Cork

University College of Cork (also known as UCC) neighbours Cork English Academy (CEA). The University is situated at the top of Western Road, however as many locals know, its campus spreads the whole way across the city. As a student of Cork English Academy you will be get many opportunities to visit the historic University on our weekly social activities. Several of our students have followed their studies at CEA onto UCC.

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UCC was founded 1845 and was originally known as Queen’s College, Cork, one of the 3 Queen’s College’s in Ireland the others located in Galway and Belfast. In 1908 the College was renamed to University College Cork. UCC began with 115 students and as of 2016 had over¬†21,000.

UCC sometime between 1860 – 80 Photo @universitycollegecork

UCC has won Sunday’s Time University of the year 3 times. It is also the first University in the world who has received A Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education. UCC has been ranked as one other world’s most sustainable campuses.

Some of the Highlight of Your Visit to UCC

  1. The Honan Chapel. The Universities chapel was built in 1916, with beautiful architecture and magnificent stained glass windows by the world class artist Harry Clarke. Don’t get too attached though, only graduates of UCC are permitted to marry in there.
  2. The Glucksmann Gallery. Opened in 2004 designed by Irish practice O’Donnell + Tuomey architects and Arup Consulting Engineers. The gallery has won many architecture awards for its stunning design. Venture inside to see the ever changing exhibitions.
  3. The Quadrangle: The original university building The Quadrangle is almost 200 years old and still functions as a critical part of the university.
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Notable Figures

  1. George Boole was the first mathematics professor in Queen’s College Cork. Boole made major advances in mathematics that has provided crucial groundwork for modern mathematics, engineering and computer science. Boole is nicknamed ‘The Father of the Digital Age’. The main library and lectures theatres in UCC are named after Boole.
  2. Professor Mary Ryan was appointed as a romance language professor in 1910. She is the first female professor in Ireland and Britain.
  3. Fiona Shaw is a successful actress staring in Harry Potter, My Left Foot and Killing Eve
  4. Graham Norton hosts the ever popular Graham Norton show on BBC
  5. Cillan Murphy who has acted in Batman, Inception, Dunkirk and Peaky Blinders
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