Peter’s Story

I am Peter from Hungary. Before I came to Cork I’d studied law and worked at a law firm in Budapest.

In general, my profession requires good English. My English needed some improvement, and I thought studying in an English-speaking country would be a great help for me.

Besides English being necessary for my profession, I had a million other reasons to start studying the language. One of them is to realize my childhood dream to having friends from different countries all around the world. In Cork, my dream came true.

It is known for everyone that Ireland is a beautiful country and I have also heard many stories about how friendly Irish people are. However, I did not know too much about Cork, but positive feedback from old students convinced me to go here.

Cork is a lovely city. It is not too big, and people are open and friendly here indeed. Despite its size there are uncountable number of pubs that make the city lively, even during weekdays.

I have discovered many parts of Ireland. With my friends from the academy, we organised trips of the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle, Kinsale etc and I will never forget our visit to the beautiful Killarney National Park.

Cork English Academy helped me mainly to improve my speaking skills, and that is why I came here. Generally, classes focus on reading exercises which is a good way of teaching in comparison to the book-centred education in my country.

Before I came to Cork I thought speaking was the weakest point of my English., but I think here I could turn it into my strength.

I spent 13 weeks at Cork English Academy. My studies were divided into 7 weeks General English and a 6-week IELTS exam preparation course. My teachers were Phil and Pat  I can only say good things about their work. At all times I found them to be professional and extremely kind. Pat even made the ‘dry’ exam preparation classes enjoyable. He was continuously looking for ways to help us.

While in Cork I did a four-week internship at a solicitor’s office. I was helping in general office administration. It was a good place to learn about the Irish legal system and, also, a perfect opportunity to use my English in practice.

I am sure that everything that I have learned at Cork English Academy will be a great help not only for my career, but also other parts of my life.