Juan’s Story

Juan from Uruguay enjoyed a short stay language programme with us here at Cork English Academy. Here is his story:

1) Why did you choose to study overseas?

I chose to study abroad because I believe that the best way to learn a language is to live in a place where you should use it most of the time. As well as wanting to live a new experience within a culture and society different from the Uruguayan one.

2) What expectations did you have from this experience?

I wanted to improve my English, meet new people, and enjoy every activity I did.

3) How was your experience with the school? First day reception, the teachers, the school etc.

The school in my opinion is of the first level, the teachers always with great sympathy, understanding the different capacities of their students. The school as a building is very comfortable, always a suitable temperature and in general in excellent condition. It has many extra activities, which help the student to meet new people, and in turn improve English. I think they have proven to be professionals in their field.

On my first day, he was interviewed by Vincent, the Director of the Academy, who very kindly and very clearly introduced us to the staff, and gave us the guidelines to follow in the Institute.

4) How did you find the accommodation?

I spent 2 weeks in a Host Family with Jim and Eileen a couple of retirees who attended me as if I were part of their family, I can only mention good things, since first arrival when they collected me from the airport until my last day.  Always very friendly and flexible with the hours of leaving the house, as well as breakfast or dinner. They assisted me in the purchase of tickets to travel to Dublin, and every day that I returned to the house, we had 1 or 2 hour talks on various topics, such as the city, diving, history, etc.

I was also 1 week in the student residence, living with 2 Spanish girls and 1 Brazilian boy, I had no problems, but lived in community dining and lunch sometimes together, there were no problems.

5) What is Cork like as a destination?

I think I made a correct decision when choosing Cork, a small city, being easy to travel and move between the host family and the academy. While there are Spanish-speaking people, it is not as much as in Dublin, in addition to the fact that the city is not a tourist center, and you can enjoy Irish culture and life.

6) What recommendations do you have for other students that are considering travelling to Ireland?

To know a new culture, new people, travel, face a new language and enjoy the challenge of doing it.