Javier’s Story

We are delighted to have Javier the Bagpipe player studying with us at Cork English Academy.

We thought the Bagpipes were only played in Ireland where they are known as the Uileann pipes and in Scotland  but we have now learned that they have been played for centuries throughout large parts of Europe, the Caucasus, around the Persian Gulf and in Northern Africa.

”I’m, a student of Cork English Academy and I want to recommend you this school because you’re going to learn in different ways : in class, conversations, games, watching movies, tours of the city.

In Cork you can find almost everything you need for a great time: Irish pubs with traditional music sessions, theatres, cinemas, bowling alleys.

You can also visit beaches, mountains , castles and other typical Irish landscapes.

But the most important of all is the human quality of the Cork English Academy Staff…the teachers and secretaries. They help with any problem”.

Javier, Zaragoza, Spain

Javier plays the bagpipes at Cork English Academy

 Jordi and Javier at Cork English Academy