MEI , ILEP & Learner Protection Notice

We are delighted to bring you important updates about the school which show our commitment to and determination in always offering our students the highest standards in English Language education.  

Cork English Academy is now a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI).

MEI is Ireland’s leading association of English language schools in Ireland. Being a member of MEI is a badge of quality and assurance.

The association works closely with the government and relative bodies to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

All MEI schools are accredited by the Irish Government Department of Education & Skills. This process ensures that the facilities and the programmes on offer are of a superior quality.

MEI schools also espouse Learner Protection, thereby being able to guarantee to students that they will be able to complete all language courses for which they are enrolled.

There is no extra cost for Learner Protection for our students.
Our Academic Year Courses are listed on the new Interim list of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

Although this mainly affects non-EU students registering for an Academic Year Programme, all students European and non European can be rest assured that Cork English Academy can continue to accept and welcome students from every country across the globe.

The fact that a provider and courses are listed on the ILEP means that in accordance with Ireland’s student immigration policy, attendance at that college in respect of one of their listed full time courses on the ILEP is an eligible purpose for a non-EEA national coming to Ireland. 

Here you will find more information on School Policies and Academic Year Programmes

Cork English Academy is growing from strength to strength each day. We would like to thank all of our students, business partners and colleagues for your continued support in helping us become a leading educational provider in Ireland for international students.

The Cork English Academy Team.