Chusa’s Story

Hi, I’m Chusa from Spain.

I have been in Cork for over 4 months.

It’s my first experience abroad, living and studying at the same time.

The first day when I arrived at school I was nervous, so excited and happy; I had a mix of emotions and feelings.

But I couldn’t have got off to a better start; my classmates and teacher made me feel great. Day after day I felt more comfortable and confident to speak English.

I thought… Chusa this works, when I realized that the vocabulary and expressions that I had learnt in the school, were used every day, in any place. So I heard and I used them a lot.

I had a purpose and that was to get together as little as possible with people who spoke the same language as me. It was difficult and I have to be honest that I met people who spoke Spanish, but I’m happy because I got it!

As well, Bumble and Meetup apps helped me to meet new people especially from Ireland.

I signed up and I went all the events and activities that I could like: exchange language, playing boardgames, Irish dancing, hiking, trips outside Cork, listening to live music, visiting the pop-up kilo store, cork clothes swap, learning bachata, sharing coffees and books, meeting Irish and Polish girls.

And another way to improve my English it was to work as volunteer. I continue on it, I loved it.

Chusa at the ”Deck of Cards” Houses in Cobh

Looking for a job it wasn’t easy. I did few interviews…each time I was getting more fluent. That was a good exercise for me. Now I am working and I am delighted.

Cork is a small city. You can walk or cycle anywhere or be in the middle of nature in less than ten minutes by car.

I feel that Cork is an inclusive city and the last point it is a safe place.

Chusa Along the Wild Atlantic Way

There are a lot things that I like about Cork: its people, pubs, live music, surroundings, villages, castles… 

There are things that I don’t like so much such as; the weather, public transport, opening hours of shops…

As a Spanish person I miss the good weather but as the expression says … ” keep your chin up”!

Chusa Outside Cork English Academy