Cooking Class at the Cookery Cottage

One of our favorite new activities for students to enjoy after school hours is the cookery class hosted by the Cookery Cottage on the South Douglas Road, Cork city.
Last Monday a group of students accompanied by Tara, Cork English Academy School Director, tried out the 2 hour long class from 3 to 5pm.
 The students ranged in age and nationality(Mexican, French, Korean, Japanese and Spanish students).
The chef was extremely professional and spoke clearly and slowly enough to be understood. The students all worked well together at times nearly elbowing each other out of the way in their eagerness to be more “hands-on”!
They cooked brown soda bread to start. This was in the oven by 3.15. They then started making Irish lamb stew. All meat comes from the English Market, a municipal food market in the centre of Cork who stock the best of local produce. The students  peeled all the vegetables themselves. The chef  included barley in the stew and students were very impressed by this ingredient.
While this was on the hob they moved to another area to make scones. There were 2 tables of 4 students. Each table made 12 scones. The bread was taken out of the oven and the scones put in.
The group then sat down to eat together. They had bread and stew. It was delicious.Some students had seconds!
The group were  given copies of the recipes to take away and they all brought scones home.
Thank you to all at the Cookery Cottage. We will be back again!