Kelly’s Story

Can you tell us a little bit about your course and teachers?

It’s beyond my expectations, actually. I’m having classes with Heather and she is absolutely amazing. She is dynamic and has patience to teach us and we can see that she gives us her best. I really love her! About the course: if you are really interested in learning, you will. You must pay attention at classes, do the exercises, then you’ll have a good experience.

What aspect of English language learning are you improving in the most?

My speaking for sure. But also my grammar. And every day we learn some new words. So I guess it is a mix of all. There’s no way to improve just one thing. It’s all set. 

What aspect of English language learning are you finding the most challenging?

Grammar, but I know that I’ll get there! 

Have you worked in Cork City? If so, can you tell us a little about your job?

Yes, I am working. I work as a SPA Therapist at The Imperial Hotel. I absolutely love it. As it is the same profession that I have in my Country, I’m really happy. 

Do you get to practice your English outside of school hours?

Yes, everyday at my work, also I live in a house with my housemates who are from another countries, we all have to talk in English.  

Why did you choose Cork City to move to?

‘Cause here we (my husband and I) imagined the city would be quiet, which it really is, and we love it. The safety too. 

What is your favourite thing about Cork? 

Quietness is our top one. But also the safety, people are so friendly, and the quality of life.  

Would you suggest Ireland as a study abroad destination to others and if so, why?

Yes because it is an AMAZING opportunity, it’s a beautiful place to live, rich in culture, with friendly people.   


Thank you Kelly. We wish you all the best with your study and work and life in Cork ๐Ÿ™‚

Quentin’s Graduation

This week, I completed my ten-week English course at Cork English Academy and I am now ready to return to my home country. Although the duration of my studies was short, it significantly helped me improve my language skills, especially in communication and confidence.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who helped me during my time here, whether it was with my studies, daily life, or sightseeing. I am also thankful to my best friend, who supported me through all the difficult moments.

Moreover, I appreciate myself for taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. Not all endeavors had a perfect ending, but the experience of trying will surely lead to a better future.

As they say, “sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.”

Thank you Quentin. All the best to you in everything you do in life. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Sabrina and Agust

”Weโ€™re lucky to have found CEA, the best English language school in Cork at this time, for me. All the staff are friendly. Their dedication to teaching and their commitment to their students are truly admirable.

I canโ€™t thank you enough for all that theyโ€™ve done for us, and weโ€™ll always remember the impact that theyโ€™ve had on our life. Thanks for a great first semester at CEA!
Weโ€™ll be back soon! ” Agust Sales.

Sabrina and Agust have successfully finished a 6 month General English course at Cork English Academy.

Here they are with Academic Director, Vincent.

We look forward to welcoming Sabrina and Agust back in June for their second course of General English and IELTS Academic Examination Preparation.

The IELTS Academic measures whether your level of English language proficiency is suitable for an academic environment. It reflects aspects of academic language and evaluates whether you’re ready to begin training or studying for example on an Undergraduate or Masters course delivered through English.

We have no doubt that Sabrina and Agust will excel on their new course, both fantastic students.

Merveil’s Storyย 

I am studying in B2 with Karen. Honestly, the first day I was surprised to be in B2. I thought I would be in A2! But I realized I just needed more confidence. Karen is a great teacher, every day I learn something new and also improve my English.

Since I started studying English at the Cork English Academy, I am not afraid to speak anymore. So, I am improving a lot in speaking and writing.

The aspect of English language learning that I’m finding the most challenging is the grammar. I must revise a lot and do a lot of practice to use the different tenses.

I practice my English outside of school hours.  I live in a share accommodation, so I speak English with the others tenants. In addition, Every Sunday evening I spend time with Irish people I met at Cork Church.

I chose Cork because I wanted to be immersed in the Irish culture and also because there are many beautiful places to visit.

My favorite thing about Cork is the weather. Because you don’t have to do a year to see the four seasons. Every day is spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Yes I would recommend Ireland as a study abroad destination to others because If you can understand the Irish accent especially in Cork you can understand every English accent in the world!

Merveil BAKI, France

Chusa’s Story

Hi, I’m Chusa from Spain.

I have been in Cork for over 4 months.

It’s my first experience abroad, living and studying at the same time.

The first day when I arrived at school I was nervous, so excited and happy; I had a mix of emotions and feelings.

But I couldn’t have got off to a better start; my classmates and teacher made me feel great. Day after day I felt more comfortable and confident to speak English.

I thought… Chusa this works, when I realized that the vocabulary and expressions that I had learnt in the school, were used every day, in any place. So I heard and I used them a lot.

I had a purpose and that was to get together as little as possible with people who spoke the same language as me. It was difficult and I have to be honest that I met people who spoke Spanish, but I’m happy because I got it!

As well, Bumble and Meetup apps helped me to meet new people especially from Ireland.

I signed up and I went all the events and activities that I could like: exchange language, playing boardgames, Irish dancing, hiking, trips outside Cork, listening to live music, visiting the pop-up kilo store, cork clothes swap, learning bachata, sharing coffees and books, meeting Irish and Polish girls.

And another way to improve my English it was to work as volunteer. I continue on it, I loved it.

Chusa at the ”Deck of Cards” Houses in Cobh

Looking for a job it wasn’t easy. I did few interviews…each time I was getting more fluent. That was a good exercise for me. Now I am working and I am delighted.

Cork is a small city. You can walk or cycle anywhere or be in the middle of nature in less than ten minutes by car.

I feel that Cork is an inclusive city and the last point it is a safe place.

Chusa Along the Wild Atlantic Way

There are a lot things that I like about Cork: its people, pubs, live music, surroundings, villages, castles… 

There are things that I don’t like so much such as; the weather, public transport, opening hours of shops…

As a Spanish person I miss the good weather but as the expression says … ” keep your chin up”!

Chusa Outside Cork English Academy