Chusa’s Story

Hi, I’m Chusa from Spain.

I have been in Cork for over 4 months.

It’s my first experience abroad, living and studying at the same time.

The first day when I arrived at school I was nervous, so excited and happy; I had a mix of emotions and feelings.

But I couldn’t have got off to a better start; my classmates and teacher made me feel great. Day after day I felt more comfortable and confident to speak English.

I thought… Chusa this works, when I realized that the vocabulary and expressions that I had learnt in the school, were used every day, in any place. So I heard and I used them a lot.

I had a purpose and that was to get together as little as possible with people who spoke the same language as me. It was difficult and I have to be honest that I met people who spoke Spanish, but I’m happy because I got it!

As well, Bumble and Meetup apps helped me to meet new people especially from Ireland.

I signed up and I went all the events and activities that I could like: exchange language, playing boardgames, Irish dancing, hiking, trips outside Cork, listening to live music, visiting the pop-up kilo store, cork clothes swap, learning bachata, sharing coffees and books, meeting Irish and Polish girls.

And another way to improve my English it was to work as volunteer. I continue on it, I loved it.

Chusa at the ”Deck of Cards” Houses in Cobh

Looking for a job it wasn’t easy. I did few interviews…each time I was getting more fluent. That was a good exercise for me. Now I am working and I am delighted.

Cork is a small city. You can walk or cycle anywhere or be in the middle of nature in less than ten minutes by car.

I feel that Cork is an inclusive city and the last point it is a safe place.

Chusa Along the Wild Atlantic Way

There are a lot things that I like about Cork: its people, pubs, live music, surroundings, villages, castles… 

There are things that I don’t like so much such as; the weather, public transport, opening hours of shops…

As a Spanish person I miss the good weather but as the expression says … ” keep your chin up”!

Chusa Outside Cork English Academy

Pariko’s Story

My wife Anzhela and I started attending Cork English Academy about 6 months ago.

I took part in the IELTS course provided by the Academy and my wife is attending general lessons.

The most challenging part of learning English for me is writing and it is the exact part I have progressed in the most.

Thanks to the course I have scored 8 in Academic IELTS and the results for each part were: Listening 9/ Reading 8.5/ Writing 7/ Speaking 8.

This is a major event for my career because it is a mandatory condition to apply for medical exams.

I currently have a full time job as a Sanctuary Fellow at UCC and the improvements in my English are helping me a lot in my everyday activities both inside and outside the workplace.

Throughout the course itself and general lessons I have attended I have met a number of different teachers, and every single one of them was doing as much to help me as possible.

They were not only friendly and kind as people, but highly professional as teachers and tutors. Trevor, Pat, David, Rebecca, Vincent and Susan are the teachers I have worked with. I can not thank them enough. Their dedication had a huge impact on my score.

As for Anzhela, her level skyrocketed from B1 to C1 in just a few months. I have never seen a person to progress that fast and a big part of it is the Academy and its staff.

Thank you Pariko and Anzhela. Wishing you all the best in life!

Thaisson’s Story

Thaisson and his wife Magda studied with Cork English Academy for 6 months. Here is Thaisson’s story!

Thaisson and Magda, pictured on the grounds of University College Cork founded in 1845
  • Can you tell us a little bit about your course?

My course passed so fast, I really liked the course the methodolog. The exam on Fridays is very good, because we can see where we are good and where we need to study more.

The school is so good, clean, well organized and the new machine with food and drinks is so good, because we are always in a hurry…..!

I really liked that all teachers prepared and motivated all students to speak.

  • What aspect of English language learning are you improving in the most?


  • What aspect of English language learning are you finding the most challenging?

For me the most challenging, without a doubt, is the listening, it’s not very difficult sometimes you understand it, but then sometimes you don’t get it at all but it’s getting a little better!

  • Do you get to practice your English outside of school hours?

Yes, I currently work as a Kitchen Porter and for Deliveroo so I use English everyday, at least 3 hours everyday after class.

  • Why did you choose Cork City to move to?

I chose Cork because it’s a smaller city and the rent prices here aren’t as crazy and as expensive as Dublin. 

  • What is your favourite thing about Cork? 

My favorite thing is earning in euro which pays for my life and studies here. Also, knowing that I’m in Europe! Visiting other countries is very cheap from here compared to Brazil.

  • Would you suggest Ireland as a study abroad destination to others and if so, why? 

Yes, without a doubt, I would recommend Irlanda to other students, mainly because of the amount of culture that is possible to absorb here in Ireland. I met Mexicans, Chileans, Spanish, Koreans and many more nationalities here.  

Thaisson’s other love – Beer! (but Magda is still his first love)

Daniela’s Story

Daniela from Monterrey, Mexico studied with us here at Cork English Academy for 6 months and finished at C2 Proficient level.

To add to this achievement, Daniela was one of only two students in Ireland this year, to achieve a C2 Certificate in the end of course TIE Exam (external exam). The other student, was also a student of Cork English Academy!

Daniela, Killeagh Woods, Cork.

Can you tell us a little bit about your course and teachers?

I started in a C1 class with Mr. Trevor and during my stay in CEA I got to meet different teachers, such as: Suzanne, Rebecca, Shane and Pat. All of them great people whom I will always be thankful for sharing their knowledge, being patient, being interested in our well-being while in Cork, and giving advice when possible. 

What aspect of English language learning are you improving in the most?

Listening and grammar.

What aspect of English language learning are you finding the most challenging?


Do you get to practice your English outside of school hours?

Yes, I was lucky to find a job where I am constantly in contact with customers.

Where do you work in Cork?

I am currently working at the Quay Co-op as a barista and kitchen assistant. I am proud to be part of their workforce because of the history behind the Co-operative and their values. 

(The Quay Co-op is a workers co-operative based in Cork city operating a wholefoods store, restaurant and deli specializing in vegetarian food and a local base for the politics of new social movements. The Co-op was founded in 1982 as a community project by a collective effort of feminist, lesbian & gay, environmental and other alternative groups and individuals).

Why did you choose Cork City to move to?

I chose Cork because it’s not a big city but still has a lot going on, such as festivals, parades, farmer’s markets, theaters, concerts, etc.

What is your favourite thing about Cork? 

Locals. They are very chatty and friendly, something I didn’t expect at all but that’s how I get to improve my listening skills. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I would love to keep traveling the world and meeting more amazing people along the way.

Will you continue to use your English? ( we hope so)

Of course! I use it everyday in my daily life no matter the country.

Monterrey, Mexico

Congratulations on your achievements Daniela. Well deserved and earned!

Raul’s Story

Raul and Fiancé Denise arrived to Cork City 4 months ago.

English language students Cork English Academy
Raul and Denise, Cork City

”I had very little experience of English language classes until I came to Ireland…I didn’t know what to expect but I LOVE it!  

Pat, David, Maisie, Rebecca, a lot of awesome teachers, that teach how to be like an Irish person :). As they said, if you want to be like a local, you have to talk like a local and in Ireland that means you have to talk A LOT…blablablablabla :).

Grammar is my worst enemy! I find grammar the most challenging but thankfully I am improving the most with grammar.

I work for a global bank (citibank) with a lot of meetings so I use English everyday for my job. Learning English at school is very important for my job.

If you want to LEARN something, whatever the place, can be local or online but for interaction, going to school is the best! ”.