Wishing You All the Best for the Holiday Season

Happy Christmas from Cork English Academy

We wish all of our current students, agents and host families are very happy Christmas.

We look forward to strengthening our partnerships going forward and welcoming students to the beautiful city of Cork throughout 2017.

School Closure Dates:

Cork English Academy will close for the holiday season on Friday 23rd December at 17.30 and will reopen Monday January 9th at 08.30.

Estefania’s Story

Before coming to Ireland to improve my English I studied Marketing in Mexico and worked for many multinational companies based in Mexico.

I chose Ireland as a study abroad destination because it was an affordable option. Besides, me and my brother Emmanuel could enter the country as tourists without a visa.

I chose to study in Cork over other cities because I had only a 12 month period available to me. I wanted to maximise my language stay and I heard Cork has less Mexican and Latin American students so my opportunity to speak Spanish was lower!

Cork is a beautiful city. It is quiet but at the same time it’s lively and vibrant. Another point is that Cork is a very safe city to live in.

My English language course was great. I learned about so many different topics. The teachers were so kind to me and always willing to help me. Listening and speaking are the two skills I have improved in the most. I found improving pronunciation to be the most challenging.


My brother and I are currently living with an Irish host family. Our host family is so nice! Living with a family is a great way to improve our English.

My favourite things about Cork are:

  • Friendly people
  • People willing to help while you are learning English
  • Safe city
  • Cosmopolitan city

I will recommend my friends to come here. Living in Ireland is a great experience!

Debora’s Story

I finished my degree in teaching in Spain this summer. I was working in a summer camp before coming to Ireland with my boyfriend in October.

Initially we thought of studying English in the UK but Brexit left the country in an uncertain situation.  We decided Ireland would be a good alternative.

I met a teacher who had studied in Cork a few years ago. She loved the experience in Cork and she is now an English language teacher at home! She told me Cork is better than Dublin because it is less busy and smaller.

I loved Ireland from the first day because the people are very friendly and everybody helps you if you need it. Cork city is very small but it has everything you need: schools, pubs, cafes, supermarkets, shops, parks, public transport.

Quiero Languages recommended Cork English Academy and I think it is the best English language school in Cork. I had the best teachers in the school, Paul and Steve. I really think that they love their job and we all really enjoyed learning with them.

The extra free classes are very good. You get to listen to other teachers and hear different accents. The culture classes are great. The receptionists are very kind and I enjoyed taking part in the BINGO and school quiz with them.


Debora, her husband Moises and friends enjoying BINGO in the school. 

I think I have improved all of my language skills and in specific my listening skills. I am listening to English all the time; in the school, at home and in the street. I am able to have conversations with native English speakers and watch films in English. I find some of the phrasal verbs and clauses difficult but I am improving every day.

My accommodation is wonderful. We are living with a host family. We initially booked just one month but extended to three months. The hosts are a married couple with three teenager kids. Since the first day we left very comfortable with them and we speak to them all of the time. They always help me with everything I need. My host mother cooks very, very well. We are really enjoying our stay.

We have travelled around Ireland: Dublin, Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Galway and some towns in Cork also Cobh and Kinsale. I love the landscapes of Ireland. Everything is green and you can see sheep and cows everywhere.

December Social Activity Programme

The  Social Activity Programme is a very important part of the Cork English Academy experience and we try to make sure that we have something for everybody.

Learning in the school is greatly enhanced when students are involved in social and activity events. The Social Activity Programme enables students to continue to learn about Irish culture and heritage while practicing and developing their language skills in the real world. We strongly encourage students to take part in the school’s weekly organised events along with promoting activities, festivals and interesting places to visit in Cork and surrounding areas.