Need a Quotation

Firstly, please choose which programme you would you like.

What is the Work & Study Course?

  • The Work and Study Programme is an 8 month programme including a 25 week course and 2 month vacation period.
  • It is suitable for students from outside of Europe who want to stay in Ireland long term and study and work while doing so.
  • It is suitable for those from outside of Europe who need to formalize their stay in Cork for Immigration purposes.

What is the difference between General English Courses and Work & Study Courses?

  • The course price is the same.

Work & Study Courses have extra requirements in line with Immigration rules:

  • Final exam fee
  • Medical insurance fee
  • Learner Protection fee

Immigration do not require this for European students and remember European students can work in Ireland without any special Immigration requirements and can register on a General English or IELTS Exam preparation course as suits.