General English GE20

The General English Course GE20 is a 20 hour per week module which runs Monday to Friday in the morning for four hours each day.

This leaves you free for the remainder of the day to join the Social Activity Programme, study in our self access facilities or explore Cork and the surrounding areas.

The daily four hour lesson covers all of the English language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing with an emphasis on speaking and listening. The main focus of the General English 20 hour course is on communication skills in real life settings.

General English 20 hour  programme students follow a separate syllabus to that of General English 15  hour programme students for the extra 5 hours, which includes a separate range of topics.

There are 5 extra hours of teacher contact time per week which offers an opportunity to progress faster.

Course books, workbooks and supplementary material including authentic materials such as newspaper articles newspapers, DVDs, the Internet, books and other media are utilized by the teacher to meet the language needs of all the individuals in the class.

You can start the programme any Monday except for school and public holidays where the school is closed. Please view the Programme Calendar for further details.

Key Information

  • Timetable: Monday to Friday 09.00 to 13.30
  • Level: Elementary (CEF A1) to Advanced (CEF C2)
  • Maximum Class Size: 12

Course Fees

20 Hour Morning 09:00 to 13:30

1 week 2   weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks
€190 €380 €570 €640 €800 €960 €1120 €1200 €1350 €1500
20 Hour Afternoon 12.30 to 17.00
€160 €320 €480 €520 €650 €780 €910 €960 €1080 €1200

Please find a full list of courses prices: General-English-Price-List

Extra Fees

General English Textbook Fee: €45 (covers one textbook)
School Registration Fee: €65