Immigration FAQs update 21/05/20

The immigration office updated the FAQs in relation to international students. Main points can be found here:

Q 25. My permission was automatically renewed by two months; am I required to re-enroll in a new course, and if so, can I wait until the end of the two months before doing so?
A. The renewal of permission is on the same basis as the existing permission and the same conditions attach. For students, this means you will be able to continue to work if you so wish but you must also reenroll in a course of study. This must be done as soon as the previous course is completed and failure to do so will be considered a breach of the permission which may result in your future registration being refused.

Q 26. My current course/ new course has moved to online study due to COVID-19. I didn’t move to Ireland to do online study; can I pause my course until physical classes return or resume?
A. No. While it is appreciated that students have travelled to Ireland to avail of in-person classes, unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this is not possible at this time. Anyone resident in Ireland with a student permission is required to attend scheduled classes and, in the current circumstances, this includes where classes are provided online.

Q 27. I am a non-EEA national and currently hold a student permission (Stamp 2) but want to avail of the Third Level Graduate Programme. Due to the temporary closure of my local registration office, I was unable to avail of this Programme and receive a Stamp 1G before I returned to my home country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can I now avail of this Programme?
A. In light of the current COVID-1 pandemic, the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) has introduced temporary arrangements for all non-EEA nationals who currently hold Stamp 2 permission and who wish to avail of the Third Level Graduate Programme including students who have returned to their home countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications can be submitted electronically to the Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin at the following email address: – [email protected]
All required documentation should be scanned and included with your application. If permission is granted, you will still be required to register once the Registration Office or your local Registration Offices reopens when you have returned to Ireland.
This temporary measure will be kept under review in light of the restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and may be amended or withdrawn, in whole or in part, when considered appropriate to do so, but regardless will cease to apply no later than 30 September 2020. All other eligibility criteria set out in the 2017 Revision of this Scheme will continue to apply.

You can read the full FAQs here.