Academic Year Special Offer

Academic Year programmes include a 25 week course leading to an official examination during an 8-month stay in Ireland.

The following Academic Year Programmes, suitable for non EU students, have been approved for inclusion on the Register of Programmes recognised by the Minister of Education and Science.

Discounted special offer prices are highlighted in red:

Academic Year Timetable
Academic Year 15 hour Afternoon 13.45 -17.00  €2500 €1900
Academic Year 15 hour Morning 09.00 -12.15 €3250 €2700
Academic Year 20 hour Afternoon 12.20 -17.00 €3500 €2900
Academic Year 20 hour Morning 09.00 -13.30 €3750 €3200
General English Textbook   Medical Insurance
General English Textbook (one book). Extra books can be purchased in school as required. €45 Guard.Me Medical Insurance €100

Exam Registration*

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Academic Year leading to IELTS Academic Year leading to FCE Academic Year leading to TIE
Course Details 19 weeks General English + 6 weeks IELTS preparation 19 weeks General English + 6 weeks FCE preparation 25-week General English programme
Levels A2+ to C2 B1+ & B2 A1 to C2
Exam Textbook €45  €45 No specific textbook
Exam Fee €200 €180 €120
Exam Centre IELTS exam takes place in Cork FCE exam takes place in Cork TIE exam takes place in Dublin

Exam choice is subject to minimum starting level at time of booking: TIE A1, IELTS  A2 minimum, FCE B1+ minimum.

Please note students who test at an A1 level are required to register for the TIE exam and may have to sit the exam in Dublin. Any travel expenses incurred are the responsibility of the student

Courses spaces are subject to availability at time of booking.