Social Activity Update 25 October 2012

Remember this Monday 29th October is a bank holiday and the school will be closed. We re-open on Tuesday 30th. Enjoy the long weekend!



Monday 29th Ocotber: Trip to Blarney Castle for all starting students in lieu of classes missed due to the school being closed (Bank Holiday).

Tuesday 30th October   Pub Night… come and mingle with classmates and locals in one of the many Cork city centre pubs. Stephen will accompany you. Make sure to ask him lots of questions. He loves to talk!

Wednesday 31st October:  All Hallows Scream! Two horror movies shown in the school – Scream and Drag Me to Hell.

Thursday 1st November: Trip to the Fota Wildlife Park

Friday 2nd November: Free Conversation Class

Saturday: Full Day Trip with the Paddy Wagon Tour group to either The Ring of Kerry or Killarney National Park and Gardens. Remember to sign up for tours in the school to get your student discount!!



Music: Well there is of course the Jazz Weekend where the streets and pubs of Cork come alive with sounds of new and old Jazz!

Halloween Special: There is a Zombie Parade on Sunday

Street Performance Festival: There is the Dragon of Shandon Parade on Wednesday along with other performances from the Monday to the Wednesday



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