Ana Paula’s Story

My name is Ana Paula. I am 22 years old and I have been living in Cork for a year and six months. I made the decision to come to Ireland two years ago as soon as I had finished my studies at college and I wanted to have a life experience abroad.  Below, I am going to talk about my experience in Ireland.

”The best English teacher I’ve ever had” Ana Paula with teacher Steve.

Why did you choose Ireland as a study destination? 

I chose Ireland because I did some research online about it and I discovered that Ireland had good opportunities to offer and it is one of  the best places in the world to learn English. By the way my uncle was living here before I came and he recommended me to come too.

What made you choose Cork city as a study destination?

I chose Cork because it is a small city and felt I could get closer to Irish culture.  This little place manages to be one of the most vibrant and engaged cities in the country with lots of music and sightseeing.

How did you achieve your current C2 level? 

I have recently finished my English language course and I obtained a level of C2 which is included on my certificate of achievement. When I look back I start laughing because when I got to Cork English Academy at first I couldn’t understand anything that the teacher was talking about. I remember leaving the class crying! At that time I was A1 level.

I  have never missed any English class, not one! Also I used to study at home on my own and the most important thing which is speaking English as much as possible even outside of English class. Sometimes I feel like I sound more natural speaking English than Portuguese.

Basically I progressed from A1 to C2 over a period of a year. However it does not mean that I should stop studying. I know that I need to keep improving and working on my weaknesses.

Can you tell us a little bit about your course and teachers?

The course is extremely important to develop the English skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and the teachers are very helpful, patient and always willing to help. Moreover the course gives you all the tools to keep improving everyday.

What aspect of English language learning are you improving in the most?

I am basically getting better in my speaking and writing. I do have some weaknesses that I need to work on it but the good news is that with focus and a little study these weaknesses turn into manageable challenges.

Is it easy to make friends in Cork?

Yes! People who live here are friendly and cheerful. Making friends is one of the best ways to practice your English.

I hope to help you by my personal experience and remember: You will never know if you never try. What are you waiting for?

Come to Ireland !!!

Photo Competition

Cork English Academy has teamed up with CoinaPhoto for a fantastic competition that will allow you to showcase the beautiful city of Cork and country of Ireland.

With great prizes of All4One vouchers (€400, €200 and €100) there is sure to be lots of hot competition.

The competition is open to a few select language schools in Ireland. It is called ”Ireland through my Lens”. It will be very interesting to see the entries from international English language students around different parts of the country.

Upload your photos to CoinaPhoto before July 3rd.  The winners will be announced on July 17th.

Please remember to include ”CA” as part of the ‘photo title’. This is the code for Cork English Academy students. For example ”CA-Blarney Castle”.

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Thank you and good luck putting your phones and cameras to good work around Cork!

Educational Leave/Bildungsurlaub in Cork City Ireland

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Cork English Academy can organise Host Family or Shared Apartment accommodation for your stay in Cork.

St Patrick’s Day Competition

Take a photo at the St. Patrick’s Day Wall near the school reception and use the hashtag #CEAStPatricksDay on Facebook or Instagram to be entered into a draw to win a prize.


  • 1st Prize PaddyWagon Day Tour Vouchers for 2
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Draw takes place 17.00 Thursday March 16th!

Remember the school will be closed on March 17th. We hope you enjoy the parade where the streets of Cork will come alive with colour, music and pagentry at this year’s Cork St. Patrick’s Day Parade taking place on Friday, March 17th at 1pm.

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Blackrock Castle and Cork City Gaol

Ireland as an island is known for its ancient castles, stone walls and rolling green fields and cork city is no different.

In these photos some of our English language students can be seen braving the stone fortifications of Cork city where once pirates, invaders and prisoners roamed.

Blackrock Castle on the banks of the River Lee is under 2km from the immediate city centre. Originally developed as a coastal defense fortification in the 16th century the site now houses an observatory, visitor centre and restaurant.

As with many of Cork’s attractions the castle is a great example of where old meets new.

Opened in 2007, the “Cosmos at the Castle” observatory houses an interactive astronomy center which is open to the public, and has exhibits including a “tour of the universe”. 

Another city centre tourist attraction is that of Cork City Gaol, now a museum. A magnificent castle-like building which once housed 19th century prisoners.

Visitors get a fascinating insight into day-to-day prison life at a time when the high walls ensured no escape. Cork City Gaol is one of the finest examples of Ireland’s architectural heritage.