IELTS Afternoon Classes Starting Tuesday September 10th 2013

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to examine your ability to work, study, or live in an English speaking environment. It tests your ability to read, write, listen and speak in academic or general contexts. IELTS is used frequently to ascertain a student’s ability to study in an English speaking university, or to work and live in an English speaking environment.

The afternoon classes are suitable for those studying General English in the morning who want to add on extra examination preparation lessons and for those who are only available part time to study due to working or further studying hours.

 IELTS Afternoon Preparation 

  • 4 weeks preparation course
  • 2 Afternoon IELTS practice exam sessions per week. Tuesday and Thursday 14.30-16.00
  • Preparation for Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Listening with regular timed examination practice as well as preparation and practice for speaking exam.
  • Additional practice in areas of weakness for homework
  • IELTS Afternoon classes can be started any week as long as minimum numbers for the class to go ahead are reached.
  • There are examinations held every month of the year except for in August.


Price for Afternoon IELTS preparation (3 hours per week)

4 week price

Tuesday and Thursday 14.30-16.00 (12 hours)