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Why Consider Cork English Academy, Cork city and Ireland for your English language stay? 

Ireland is an island which is both old and new. Steeped in centuries of history and cultural traditions, surrounded by a landscape that changes from rolling green countryside to rugged towering cliffs, the four million or so inhabitants have embraced both tradition and modernity. While much has changed over the past twenty years as the island has rapidly modernised, the genuine welcome and hospitality of the Irish is still a deep-seated tradition and that they love to talk and talk continues to be an undisputed fact.

Since Cork City was founded by St Finbarr over 1,000 years ago it has grown from a trading merchant city to a cosmopolitan vibrant 21st century city of today. The city, situated on the banks of the river Lee, is home to 123,000 people. It is located on the South West coast of Ireland and is the 2nd largest city in the Republic of Ireland.

Cork is a university city with a total student population in excess of 25,000. The city has a thriving commercial, social and cultural sector. The city’s well balanced economy has attracted many major companies to the area. Manufacturing, especially electronics, telecommunications, ICT and Health, Pharmaceutical (8 of the top 10 companies in the world) are located in the greater Cork area. The services sector is also well developed.

Cork city’s commitment and contribution to the Arts and cultural life is well established. The city is home to several galleries, museums, The National Sculpture Factory, dance Theatres and artist workshops. The city also boasts a year long calendar of festivals ranging from folk, jazz, choral and film. In recognition of this commitment Cork City was chosen from among other Irish cities to become the very first European Capital of Culture in 2005.

The overall quality of life and physical environment of Cork city and its hinterland is excellent and is readily accessible to residents and visitors. This is evident in the parks, rivers, lakes, tourist attractions, sports and recreational facilities available along with many cultural and heritage attractions. The rejuvenated St Patrick Street and the pedestrianisation of Oliver Plunket St, the citys two main thoroughfares further enhance the attractiveness of the city. 

Cork English Academy is located in Clarkes Bridge House a modern building with ceiling to floor windows flooding each classroom with natural light.  We offer courses in General English, Business English, English for Professionals, Exam preparation , Junior Short Stays and a Family Package with lessons taking place in groups or on an individual basis.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your current level of English we have a course for you. We aim to help our students to succeed in their language learning by exceeding their expectations and delivering value in everything that we do.

We want to ensure that your time in Cork is as enjoyable and productive as possible. You will benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of our team of trainers and support staff.

In addition to providing you with the best in language training, we offer a varied and interesting social activities programme to give you the opportunity to practice your language skills in real situations. We also offer carefully selected accommodation options in locations close to the Academy. We look forward to welcoming you to our Academy and to Cork.

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