GNIB Registration / IRP Card

Applying for your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) Card

You need to apply for your IRP card with the GNIB officers at the Garda Station, Anglesea Street, Cork.
You will need to bring the following documents with you to apply for your IRP card:
  • Completed IRP-1 form (you can get this form at the school reception)
  • Original school letter
  • Medical insurance (in colour)
  • Passport
  • The IRP card fee of €300 must be paid by credit card, laser card or bank giro. This fee cannot be paid by cash.
  • Proof of Finance
  • Proof of Address

Proof of Finance

You must prove that you can support yourself financially after you arrive here. You need to show you have direct access to €3,000. You can show this by one of the following options:
  • Proof from an Irish bank – please see notes below on opening an Irish bank account
    If you choose this option, you must bring an original statement from an Irish bank that shows a balance of €3,000. The statement must be for an account in your own name, ie the same name as in your passport.
  • Proof from a foreign bank*
    – If you choose this option, you must bring 2 original bank statements from a foreign bank.
    – The first statement must show a balance of €3,000. The statement must less than 1 month old.
    – The second statement must be from the same bank for the past 6 months. It must be no less than 6 months old.
    – Both statements must be for the same account and in your own name, ie the same name as in your passport.
    – You must also show that you have a debit card (for cash withdrawals in Ireland). The debit card must be for the same bank account that has the €3,000.
    – If the student chooses this option and the currency is not in Euro than a printout from a currency converter is required to show the amount in Euro’s on the day of registration.
  • Proof via a pre-paid credit card or debit card*
    – If you choose this option, you must bring evidence to demonstrate to the registration office that you have a pre-paid credit card(s) or debit card(s) with €3,000.
Proof of Address
If you choose option 1 above to show your proof of funds then your Irish bank account statement will act as proof of address in Cork.
* If you choose options 2 or 3 above to show proof of funds then you must show a proof of address in Cork.
  • This can be a contract with your landlord or a utility bill in your own name such as an electricity or phone bill.
  • This cannot be your school letter.
  • This cannot be your medical insurance.
Make sure that all addresses on all documents are the same on registering with the GNIB:
School Letter, Bank Statement (where applicable), Medical Insurance, IRP form.

Opening an Irish Bank Account

Bank of Ireland, Patrick’s Street Cork will open bank accounts with the following documents:
  • Original school letter
  • Medical insurance with address in Cork
  • Passport
  • Irish mobile number
  • Proof of source of funds through one of the following means:
    – Pre paid card
    – Transfer from home account
You must show a 6 month personal statement. The statements must show the transaction history for 6 months.
Please come to reception to check your documents before you go to the bank.
Once you receive your bank card and PIN code you can then deposit or transfer your €3,000 into your new Irish bank account.
The bank will accept applications during the following times: Monday—Friday 10:00—12:00 and 14:00—15:00.